Episode 13: TDKR

July 21, 2012 § 4 Comments


Because that’s how parental recorder operates.

Also, sorry for not releasing shit yesterday. I thought I could get home in time to record/release but I ended up going to a later showing THE DARK KNIGHT RISES than I thought I would.

Right click, save as to download.

Also yeah, I realize that this isn’t anime. Don’t really care. I’m releasing this because I didn’t release an episode yesterday.

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§ 4 Responses to Episode 13: TDKR

  • Guess my connection kinda bugged out towards the end there, huh.

    • zeonicfreak says:

      My only flaw with the movie is that movie made me believe that Al Ghul had a son when he clearly had a daughter who was Talia, which in the movie I kept saying “Why does her name sound so familar” then the BAM, its his daughter. I felt really silly for me not catching that 2 hours earlier.

      My huge positive was how great I thought Anne Hathaway did in the movie, which I really like her as an actress anyways (and of course I have a bit of a celeb crush on her). Plus i thought her Night Vision/Cat Ear goggles were kinda cool/cute on her. But they never mentioned her to be Catwoman the entire time during the movie, which I find as a plus there.

      Oh yea, that was spoilers in case someone is reading this who hasn’t seen it.

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