Episode 26

August 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

In this episode of the Daily Anime Podcast, I barely even attempt to talk about anime, since I just rant go on and on about what I think sex is about. I think this livestream time, Sundays through Tuesdays at 7 and Thursdays at 7 is probably what we’ll do. Remember, that is Central US time.

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§ One Response to Episode 26

  • ZeonicFreak says:

    Dude, im an accident too. My parents did a shotgun wedding when my mom was 3 months pregnant with me and knew my dad for around 3 months. But the good side is, my parents are still together for 27 years by, I would say, the grace of God. So dont feel bad brah, I wish I gots the womens too, but I dont.

    Dude, let those DAPDX guys be. I mean 80 percent of the people on that podcast is made up of nerd girls anyways, and a Zuey.

    Dude, Pawn Stars has that one fat dude that is high like all the time. Every time I watch that show I really wanna punch that dude in the face.

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