Gundam THE ORIGIN for Cats

April 5, 2013 § 1 Comment

Today, we talked about Vertical’s release of Gundam the Origin, the conversation delves into some general talk of film theory (more so the geographical historical observation of how not international it is) and a few other random topics, and so on.

Cats and Zakus Love the Origin

I think our conclusion should be fairly obvious, this is something that you can hand to someone who knows absolutely nothing about Gundam. It is the best version of the 0079 story out there, as of now, and we love it.

Right click, save as to download.

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§ One Response to Gundam THE ORIGIN for Cats

  • zeonicfreak says:

    I wanted to add on that translation stuff. I think with the military ranks its kind of important to state, because I am sure, at least with anime, that its the whole proper way to talk to an officer in the military. Plus if there was any abbreviation to the rank, it might throw off some readers thinking “oh did they get promoted or something?”

    I’m sure you guys know that a Lt. Junior Grade is lower than a Lieutenant, in terms of naval officers. But at the same time when I read this and someone talking to Bright, I would just think ‘Lieutenant’ then read on since its more comfortable for me to understand. I am hoping the readers out there think the same way instead of being annoyed and anal of “WELL WHATS THIS LTJG ABBREVIATION?”

    You can probably label this comment under the “crap I already know you idiot” file.

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