Andy Returns From Over the Rainbow Scared, Shocked and Confused

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I hope that one day we can return.

Found the Easter Egg

Found the Easter Egg

But for now we must work as hard as we can to understand each other, as limited as we are.

This is a general Unicorn and Gundam discussion, we also dive into strange religious territory, because, as flawed as Unicorn is, this series wants us to talk about the sort of psycho-existential ruminations of being in the modern world within its hilarious 70s mania for psychics.

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Our reaction to Gundam Unicorn

Our reaction to Gundam Unicorn

16 May 2014 MAL Pranks Assassinated

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I got my reviews pulled from My Anime List, because fuck them.

Tomorrow Unicorn comes out. I’m excited.

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Naturally the picture below pertains to the new promo I just made.

This is how I imagine moe girls feel around us.

15 May 2014 – Akagi Lavigne

May 15, 2014 § 1 Comment

In today’s episode, I talk about the Avril Lavigne controversy because it’s so close to your anime interests (you anime nerds) and a 2005 anime called Akagi in relation to Kaiji.

Look at how crazy these shows are:

Kaiji’s agonizing face


Akagi’s amazing poker face


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ED theme: Akagi OP

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