Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 9: The Klopstock Incident

July 16, 2015 § 1 Comment

This episode was awesome, got to see some more action in the Kaiser’s court from a man who opposed it and was ostracized and got to see some interesting background information on the Kaiser.

There was also some hilarious looking laptops. vlcsnap-2015-07-16-21h46m36s356

No one likes the prince.


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OP&ED Theme: 3DS Security BGM

Wandering Son Vol 1 Review

July 15, 2015 § 1 Comment

Given the recent wave of news and attention I figured that people should probably know about this manga. The property got kind of famous among, I guess you could say, a fringe group of Noitamina fans years ago and I plan on doing a proper review of the anime, but since I have it, I want to talk about this manga and it’s depiction of learning to perform another self within private and public institutions.

This episode is also different, especially from the LoGH episodes, I didn’t follow a script even though I wrote one out, so it may seem a lot less prepared than other episodes.

wandering son

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I also played a podcast promo for my friends at the Anime of Yesteryear Podcast. Haven’t done that in a while, I also plan on making a new one soon./

Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 8: Cold, Clear Cybernetic Eyes

July 8, 2015 § 1 Comment

Legend of the Galactic Heroes getting licensed and distributed in the United States is a pretty big piece of news in my humble opinion. It finally happened. After all these years, it finally happened.


Today’s episode is about Oberstein and Lohengramm’s political ambitions, maneuvering on the political terrain in the Kaiser’s court in the wake of the Iserlohn Invasion. It’s pretty good.

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Ending theme: Dvorak’s From the New World 2nd Movement

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