Wandering Son Vol 1 Review

July 15, 2015 § 1 Comment

Given the recent wave of news and attention I figured that people should probably know about this manga. The property got kind of famous among, I guess you could say, a fringe group of Noitamina fans years ago and I plan on doing a proper review of the anime, but since I have it, I want to talk about this manga and it’s depiction of learning to perform another self within private and public institutions.

This episode is also different, especially from the LoGH episodes, I didn’t follow a script even though I wrote one out, so it may seem a lot less prepared than other episodes.

wandering son

Right click, save as to download.

I also played a podcast promo for my friends at the Anime of Yesteryear Podcast. Haven’t done that in a while, I also plan on making a new one soon./

§ One Response to Wandering Son Vol 1 Review

  • ghostofside3 says:

    You’re always well spoken with your reviews. Love hearing you talk about these things I’m interested in.

    I’ve been wanting to check Wandering Son out for a while. I’ve had people recommend me this a few times.

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