Split-screen in Anime Part 1

September 7, 2015 § 1 Comment

I figured there’s going to be a point where I will want to talk about split-screen in anime again, so I’m using the ‘part’ in the names so that I can do another episode like this if I felt like it.

Here is the “what” use of split-screen I was referring to in GATE.

Like, these characters aren’t even separated in space, they’re in the same confined screen space and it just doesn’t make sense to use it here.

This looks hilarious.
Here is the good use of split-screen I referenced in Ore Monogatari.

Right click, save as to download.

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§ One Response to Split-screen in Anime Part 1

  • ghostofside3 says:

    Interesting observation.
    Definitely remember Zeta Gundam doing this and that was kind of the first time I’ve noticed that kind of animation choice being used outside of things like parody on anime.

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