Ressentiment: Otaku Masculinity

January 13, 2016 § Leave a comment

This episode is a lot more positive and joyful than I thought it would be. It is episode 100, so I decided that I should review something meaningful, so I reviewed Hanazawa Kengo’s first manga, Ressentiment.

This is one of the few manga that I’ve read from start to finish, and re-reading it has been a joy.
joy in dating 3d

Especially now that I have a few more years under my belt, and I understand what satire is.
I remember Cardeas Vist’s earnest prayer in Gundam Unicorn.i give up on real women
hideous real women

And I put this episode out as a prayer to myself and to any other lost soul just looking for love.
nothing left but unreality

Thank you for being born.
thank you for being born

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Andy Returns From Over the Rainbow Scared, Shocked and Confused

May 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

I hope that one day we can return.

Found the Easter Egg

Found the Easter Egg

But for now we must work as hard as we can to understand each other, as limited as we are.

This is a general Unicorn and Gundam discussion, we also dive into strange religious territory, because, as flawed as Unicorn is, this series wants us to talk about the sort of psycho-existential ruminations of being in the modern world within its hilarious 70s mania for psychics.

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Our reaction to Gundam Unicorn

Our reaction to Gundam Unicorn

5th February 2013 News Round-Up

February 5, 2013 § 1 Comment

Hey guys, happy new years… even though its February.

Today is a news episode where I just talk about the AKB48 scandal. I guess there was more I could say on the issue, but it was getting fairly rant-y so I just switched over to talking about the new Gundam Unicorn trailer.

Although it’s probably already something that can be assumed, I am totally excited for March 22nd.

Then I speak of the new Gundam AGE project that got the greenlight.

I end the show talking about the Meloetta event.

Music Selection:
What’s Going On (OP)
Arby n the Chief Theme
Weed Circulation (ED)

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Episode 25

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sorry for the delay, I couldn’t get a blog post out to say why I was not releasing episodes.

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And so, since it has been 13 days since I last released an episode, I did a special episode, also I will be livestreaming this stuff and releasing the episode the morning after I do all dis livestreaming. The only day where this stream, will be Wednesdays and a few events here and there.

Today I just talk about stuff that’s been happening since I last spoke to you guys, then Gundam Unicorn episode 5, Paprika and Giant Robo. There’s some more stuff but it was basically a free for all.

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