Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Here’s our first episode-to-episode from start to finish reviews.
Episode 1: In the Eternal Night
Episode 2: The Astate Encounter
Episode 3: Birth of the 13th Fleet
Episode 4: The Empire’s Afterglow
Episode 5: The Kastrop Rebellion
Episode 6: The Rosen Ritter
Episode 7: The Iserlohn Invasion
Episode 8: Cold Clear Cybernetic Eyes
Episode 9: The Klopstock Incident
Episode 10: Jessica’s Battle
Episode 11: The Actress Exits
Episode 12: Advance into Imperial Territory
Episode 13: When the Rain Comes
Episode 14: Liberation of the Frontiers
Episode 15: The Battle of Amlitzer
Episode 16: A New Tide
Episode 17: Before the Storm
Episode 18: The Lippstadt Conspiracy

§ 2 Responses to Legend of the Galactic Heroes

  • Masanari Takahashi says:

    Hi! I’m from Japan and learning English. I love Legend of the Galactic Heroes and read the novels in English (which is hard but fun.). So far I finished your reviews of Episode 1 to 4. Will you post more reviews? I want to listen to your reviews more, because it’s great for me to learn English. Please post more!

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