The DAP Way to Nirvana:おおかみ子供の雨と雪(Wolf Children)

June 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

A lot of our review is centered on how incomprehensible this show is to people who are not us and how someone can actually become anime-literate enough to listen to our show and understand it. It is also the path towards Nirvana.

For the first half of this show we talk about alll kinds stuff, Godzilla’s racist old dubs, Arion (a show we reviewed loooong ago), Shin Mazinger (and Imagawa in general), later Fullmetal Alchemist and Avatar… it goes on…

We’re really scared of the shipping fanbase and how it engineered Korra.

Then we start talking about BUDDHA, and HAPPY SCIENCE.

It took about 31 minutes for us to get to talking about Wolf Children (Hosoda 2012).

Mom cries when no one is around, and then she smiles.

Mom cries when no one is around, and then she smiles.

At 39:08, we talk about the Daily Anime Podcast Way to Nirvana.

Vote yes to Scottish independence.

This movie was like a horror for me.

Scariest Scene in this movie

Scariest Scene in this movie

This is pretty much the future for Ame.

The storm is your character.

The storm is your character.

We talk alot about the objections to this film, and I follow this up in writing on this old blog that no one reads.

Right click, save as to download.

END: Keep Ya Head Up (remix) – 2Pac at Marcus Garvey High School.

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