Ressentiment: Otaku Masculinity

January 13, 2016 § Leave a comment

This episode is a lot more positive and joyful than I thought it would be. It is episode 100, so I decided that I should review something meaningful, so I reviewed Hanazawa Kengo’s first manga, Ressentiment.

This is one of the few manga that I’ve read from start to finish, and re-reading it has been a joy.
joy in dating 3d

Especially now that I have a few more years under my belt, and I understand what satire is.
I remember Cardeas Vist’s earnest prayer in Gundam Unicorn.i give up on real women
hideous real women

And I put this episode out as a prayer to myself and to any other lost soul just looking for love.
nothing left but unreality

Thank you for being born.
thank you for being born

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